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36 krypton gets information from inside ofo, which may be connected to drip travel in April this year.aOn pp, users can use ofo services directly on droplets.

"This has been on the agenda frequently recently, and internal information is likely to be accessed next month." An ofo insider said. Twenty-six krypton confirmed the news to the official and ofo authorities, but neither company confirmed or denied it at the time of publication.

Dai Wei, founder of ofo, said in December last year that there was no clear timetable for when to access drip APP. "There is no GPS in ofo mode. Users can use it when they see the car. The whole logic is not the same as that of the drip platform taxi, but in the near future we will launch something together with the drip platform taxi."


But similar access is not without precedent. In February this year, Wechat and MobyCar announced that users can directly enter the MobyCar Wechat applet by scanning the two-dimensional code on the body of the MobyCar through Wechat "Sweep" and click on the unlock to use the car.

This is not the first time that ofo will be able to access droplets of information, nor is it the first time that the two platforms are deeply bound. Before that, drip participated in the latest three rounds of ofo financing. According to Tencent Technologies, a bicycle-sharing investor revealed that after several rounds of financing, ofo has become the largest shareholder of ofo, accounting for more than 30% of the shares. "This means that the voice of droplets in ofo is stronger, while the success or failure of ofo, droplets will be the biggest stakeholder."

It is not difficult to understand that drops of ofo access, will be as a huge user traffic entrance for its diversion, while ofo further consolidate business volume, with drops of support to improve the status of the industry and imagination space.

Moreover, if ofo is really brought in, it also means that drops of capital and the underlying capital are further filling the gap in the field of travel.

A person familiar with the situation disclosed to 36 krypton that he once wanted to be a sharing bicycle, but for some reasons he failed to achieve it, and finally he could only be an investor in ofo. But that doesn't mean that drip won't step further into the market.

Investing in ofo is nothing more than aiming at the "last three kilometers" opportunity.


At present, the "last three kilometers" in China is still a very preliminary stage, and there is no systematic service provider. In the first-tier cities of North Shangguang, the traffic complexity makes the competition for the "last three kilometers" increasingly fierce among the major travel platforms.

"Whether to take a taxi or ride a bicycle is 3 kilometers from the place of departure to the destination. It's optional for users, and it makes sense to choose either one." An ofo insider said that the trickle-down approach is to cover all the different options.

In the eyes of DDT, ofo and its investors, the shared bicycle sector has entered a period of rapid growth. A public relations official at Ofo once told the media that in the years after 2012, for example, the development of private cars and express cars has been very rapid. In one year's time, ofo has achieved 500,000 orders from 200 orders per day. "Past express cars, now ofo is experiencing high-speed growth, the momentum is similar." The above public relations officer said.

At the end of December last year, ofo jointly launched a red envelope campaign, which was the first large-scale cooperation between the two sides after ofo was invested by the drop strategy. The red envelope strategy adopted by the campaign is also considered to be one of the most powerful tools for market promotion.

According to the dripping side, in 2017, we will still focus on the field of travel, hoping to get through everyone's travel. This means that all modes of travel will be covered, and sharing bicycles will be one of the directions of dripping power.

Thirty-six krypton believes that another important reason why drip-drip further access to shared bicycles is that compared with the "harsh" Internet regulations, shared bicycles have been encouraged by policies in the early stages of development, and the constraints are quite reasonable. And last year, drip trips, which have been affected by the new policy of online car-sharing, are likely to get a better share of the bike-sharing tuyere, either from a policy point of view or from a new business growth point of view.

However, there are still questions about how ofo without navigation can access droplets, and what impact will it bring to users after access?

"As far as I know, droplets may contract fast things like technology and navigation to third-party companies." The above-mentioned ofo internal staff said that after access to droplets ofo may still have no navigation, users on the page mainly exercise code-scanning unlocking and payment functions.

As for user experience, the internal staff said that "the main function of ofo is relatively single, and it is very simple to operate, and I believe it can be seamlessly connected to the drip platform," he stressed, "After all, the trend in the future is that people will load fewer and fewer apps on their mobile phones."

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